Monday, February 13, 2017

Teaching Entrepreneurship at Saint Mary's College of Maryland

More and more colleges are offering entrepreneurship programs, classes, and degrees. Entrepreneurship and new business start up is becoming main stream.

This is a good thing.

Saint Mary's College of Maryland, #SMCM #Seahawks, is now offering a class in entrepreneurship. What, you may ask, does a small liberal arts honors college know about entrepreneurship?

I know people who have graduated from SMCM and have a bit of a relationship with the school. In response to this new development of a "Shark Tank" type class I have four words to say.

It is about time.

SMCM is just the right place to develop innovative thinkers. Sure, there is a military base in the county and opportunities for technology development. That is not what makes it a great place for this opportunity. What makes SMCM a great place for entrepreneurs is that this college THINKS DIFFERENT. It can unleash creativity and different type of thinking that is essential for innovation.

I have never taken a class there, but I have been to the campus a number of times. The students and teachers I have met there look at the world a little different; and I mean that in a positive way. We need people who are unique in how they view the world. In fact, I think this class should be required for every student at SMCM. It does not matter what your career is going to be; we need people to think different in every sector. It does not matter if you are an accountant, a doctor, a mediator, a nurse, a politician, a teacher, a psychologist, a mathematician, a biologist, a social worker, a banker, or any number of careers that people can enter. We need innovative thinkers.

Kudos to you Saint Mary's College of Maryland. And to you Professor Elizabeth Osborn. Stay out of that box.

I just did a quick search and found this book by Professor Osborn. I have to admit I have not read it, but it looks like an interesting read.

Here is the link to the book, Open for Business


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