Saturday, February 5, 2011

Michael Heveron

How do you determine a successful entrepreneur? The best answer for this question is to look at the individual and the whole of his/her business endeavors. One very successful small business entrepreneur has made his mark within the state of Minnesota. Michael Heveron is the new CEO, owner, and entrepreneur of his own computer business “MDH Computers Inc.,” previously and currently associated as “Glacier Ridge Computing” (
Michael’s humble beginnings began on a farm in Minnesota.  At a young age in the mid-1980’s his grandfather introduced him to a computer.   Michael taught himself first how to play the games and then, after near mastery of that, delved further into the components of the computer.  His ability and determination with computers grew over the course of his teen years. Naturally, this inquisitiveness and skill with computers gave him a craving to learn more such as building and repairing computers. This led him to attend Alexandria Technical & Community College to pursue a degree in Computer & Voice Networking.  
With a wife and child by his side he began his own computer business MDH Computers Inc. In order to achieve this goal Michael returned to a previous employer and bought him out. Even though this change occurred Michael was still driven with the same idea as the previous owner: A need for affordable computing solutions in the rural market. Within a short time, thanks to Michael’s natural genius and 10 years of experience, his small business has flourished into a company including two additional employees selling and repairing software and hardware including the latest technology devices -from iPods, iPads, and notebooks to desktops and networking.  Currently, Michael has gained the trust and partnership of five vendors that allow him to successfully sustain and expand his business.  His business covers not only big name industries, but small residential homes as well. As an extra bonus either Michael or one of his employees will do on site work to ensure that everything goes smoothly for whatever the desire may be. Michael’s business stretches not only within the immediate town of his store, but over about 100 miles of towns and cities. This not only allows the business to get more customers for repairs of hardware and software, but also gives a competitive edge when dealing with computer hardware and software sales.
All the products sold are built from scratch by Michael and his team who are determined to stand by and sell only quality products that have longevity. Michael will also direct a customer into the right direction if he/she does not want to purchase a computer from him specifically.
            Attentive and determined for ensuring the business’s success, all of Michael’s spare time is devoted to developing a strong foundation for the new business and legacy for the old “Glacier Ridge Computing.” Recently asked if it was worth the effort and did he enjoy what he did - Michael replied, “I not only enjoy it, but love every second and wouldn’t haven’t any other way!” 

Submitted by Travis Athnos



  1. I enjoyed reading about this entrepreneur. He saw a need a filled it. He also was able to discover a niche for his business in the rural community, that is often overlooked. He used computers himself and learned much, but then he took courses along the way to further his skills. By hard work and attention to his customers, he was able to buyout his former employer. That's good work!

  2. This definitely is an example of how, as a young child, Michael Heveron was beginning to set the stage for a successful career in the computer industry. From the moment, he touched his very first computer, he has took the initiative to learn everything that was to learn about computers-from how to play the games to how to take them apart in order to repair them. Referring back to what we learn about profiles of an entrepreneur, Michael definitely exhibits those characteristics especially in the areas of hobbies, interests, skills, and education. Michael Heveron should be an inspiration to all people, whether they are a child or an adult. Who would of thought that a young child playing video games on a computer would eventually lead him to becoming a successful business owner .

    Cheryl Haynes