Saturday, February 5, 2011

Genzo Shimadzu - Not a lot of hot air

In 1875 scientist Genzo Shimadzu would visit the Chemistry Bureau in Japan often.  He began by making physical and chemical instruments.  He would sit in on lectures and was able to study scientific technics under a German professor Dr. Wagener who was a scientist from Chemistry Bureau.  Genzo learned the science and technology from Dr. Wagener.  One of the products that the Japanese wanted Genzo to do was to make a passenger carrying hot air balloon.  After 6 months of trying he succeeded and made the first hydrogen gassed balloon. 
Today people still use the hot air balloon.  In 1909 he manufactured the first X-ray machine in Japan.  After several inventions he was invited to the Emperor’s dinner party in 1930 as one of the 10 greatest inventors of Japan. Genzo went on to manufacture scientific instruments such as the spectrographs , Shimadzu manufactured Aircraft equipment, electron microscopes, liquid Chromatographs, gas chromatographs, testing instruments to test different materials for strength and durability.  In 1975 the Japanese company came to the United States. These instruments are used in all the science classes in all the University colleges and other companies that have to run tests on everything from the oil spill in Louisiana to the aspirin in your medicine cabinet.  The company has really grown since 1875 they are a worldwide company that has hit the $100 million dollar earning mark twice in the last 3 years.  So when you see Shimadzu Scientific Instruments on an instrument you can say this was all started with a hot air balloon invention.  My Entrepreneur was Genzo Shimadzu for having a great scientific mind to want to help better the world for over 100 years and beyond.
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