Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jennifer Delaye JDK Catering

I set out to do some research on the catering. My thought process was, wouldn’t it be cool to write about the first documented catering company and who started it. I typed “History of Catering” in Google and came across JDK Catering.

Upon reading the website, I found the person to be interesting, and as I read more it became more interesting.
Jennifer Delaye is the Chef/Owner of JDK Catering, a catering company that operates in the Harrisburg, Pa area.

Ms Delaye started in the foodservice industry at a young age. She started out operating seasonal food service kiosks with her brother and sister at Harrisburg City’s Recreational Center. In 1988, they all opened a restaurant in Harrisburg. While operating the restaurant, Ms Delaye noticed that a lot of their clients were ordering food take-out and delivery. Around the same time, she developed an interest in catering. She decided to transfer full ownership of the restaurant to her brother and created JDK Catering on her own.

She operated the business solo for many years and treated obstacles like opportunities. JDK now boasts a roster of 3,000 clients. Sales have grown from $25,000.00 in 1992 to $3.4 Million in 2007. They boast a staff of 20 Full Time and 250 Part-Time employees.

As a smart and ambitious entrepreneur, Ms, Delaye decided to restructure the company in 2007. She created the JDK Group which is an umbrella company over four independent event service companies. JDK Catering, Essential Party Rental, Imagine Event Design and Weddings by JDK are the individual companies.

I believe this move was smart and it has made me rethink the future and direction of The Spice Rack. I think that accidentally coming across Ms Delaye was probably one of the best things that could have happened.

Submitted by Jamaal Fuller

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