Monday, April 4, 2011

James McClintock - a True Entrepreneur

     My father James McClintock is a true entrepreneur in my opinion.  He works for Environmental Protection Agency, working to help stop pollution from ruining our environment.  He also teaches science at George Mason University.  On top of that, he owns his own business called DNA Diagnostics in which lawyers ask him to test evidence from suspects and victims in criminal cases.  He has worked for the EPA ever since he got out of college.  He got a doctorate degree in microbiology.  He loves anything and everything about science. 
            He works for the EPA to help come up with ideas on how to go about saving the environment from pollution.  For example, he is working on a project to help the Chesapeake Bay from pollution.  His dream since he was young was to be in charge of the whole EPA but since he is close to retiring, he decided to take up teaching as a side job.  The side job to help pay for bills became a secondary permanent job.  He taught at AACC before receiving his job at George Mason University teaching microbiology.  He teaches what he got his degree in so he is quite experienced in the field.  He wants to help those in trying to get their degree in that field now so they can do well in the future with a job related to that field of study. 
            He had also always dreamed of doing something related to criminal justice as well.  He started his business DNA Diagnostics so he could own his own business related to criminal justice and science.  Lawyers will ask him to test evidence from suspects and from victims in such cases involving rape, assault, and murder.  This way he is helping keep criminals off the streets but also doing something he enjoys related to science and criminal justice.  He came up with the idea to start his business because he wanted to be his own boss so he could do things the way he wanted.
            That is the meaning of being an entrepreneur by making a business from ideas of what you like to do.  He worked doing what he wanted to do by going to college and studying what he enjoyed learning about.  When he realized he couldn’t go any further in the EPA, he took what he knew about science and turned into his own business.  He chose to make a business that will always be in need.  There will always be evidence in criminal cases that needs to be tested to tell who committed the crime.

By: John McClintock


  1. Very impressive and inspiring. Mr. McClintock pursued his love for science and education. His unique business evolved over the years when certain milestones were reached. What's even more interesting is that everything is interconnected. Mr. McClintock is doing something important for society as well as enjoying and succeeding in his business.

  2. Many people in academia are involved in entrepreneurial activities, as consultants or as independent business owners like Dr. McClintock. He has set a stellar example for others to admire and follow, demonstrating that academicians are not simply people who live in ivory towers out of touch with the larger world. In fact, Dr. McClintock has clearly demonstrated that he is actively involved in helping a many people through the intelligent application of subject matter he has studied and used for many years. Kudos!

  3. Your father sounds like a man who was ahead of his time. If he is nearly retirement age and has worked for the EPA ever since college, he was concerned with Mother Earth far before it was popular to get on that bandwagon. To further his career by beginning a company that concerns itself with DNA testing shows he is a man that thinks outside the box of simply going to his 9-5 and home in the evening. Good for him- and for the public, who is benefiting from his tireless quest for justice.